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Let's face it, you already have plenty of worries and concerns about your wedding plans. You have a long list in front of you of wedding vendors and details. But amidst the big and small decisions, there is one vendor that you have let slip through the cracks. You haven't felt it was too important so you really haven't put much time or energy into it. We urge you not to take this all important person for granted. Your wedding officiant is much more important than most people realize. Without the right officiant, your ceremony could go downhill in a real hurry. An experienced professional will really know how to keep your events moving and even gloss over any glitches to the point that your guests won't even notice anyway. So, your goal is to find a wedding officiant that knows the wedding business like they back of their hand. They need to be flexible enough to roll with the punches and yet make your ceremony something very special so that you will want to remember it. Just so you will take it more seriously, may we repeat, your officiant can make or break your ceremony and in turn your wedding. So, what so we suggest. Start by searching around the Orlando area where you will find more wedding officiants than most areas of like size. You can look online, ask people you know, or ask some of your other wedding vendors. Any of these sources could yield some great leads. When you have decided on the best leads, meet with each one face to face. This is now your chance to ask some pointed questions to focus in on the officiant for you. Our contribution to your search is the guide below, follow it and you should end up with a professional you need and deserve.

Once you have a nice list of potential officiants, you need to start interviewing them so you can delve into more of what they are about and what they could possibly bring to your wedding ceremony. There are specific questions you need to pose to each candidate. For instance, do they see a wedding ceremony as a set series of events or are they open to customizing what is included and when? If you are interested in writing your own vows, make sure that they know this right away so they can tell you if they are alright with it or not. Ask them to some footage of past weddings they have officiated. As you are watching, determine if you like how they control the series of events? Tell them the kind of things you had in mind and ask them for their feedback and possible suggestions. Who knows, they may come up with something that you have never thought of before and you may want to incorporate it in your wedding. You need to discuss the type of ceremony you want. Some people want religious language included and some people do not want any mention of anything that would have a religious connotation. If you are looking at the religious angle, ask them if it matters that you and your fiance are from different denominations? Can they officiate a straight civil ceremony for you?

Do they have any requirements that you must fulfill? For instance, do you and your fiance have to participate in pre-marital counseling? Make sure that they will file your marriage license with the county so that you will be considered officially married. Can they and will they be at your rehearsal. The answer should be yes. Check out their references.

In terms of cost, officiants are very inexpensive comparatively. Go over their experience. How many weddings have they officiated? The more, the better because they will understand all that can go wrong and how to circumnavigate those issues. Do you like their voice? Do you actually like the person? Remember, you want to enjoy every moment and that includes your time with your officiant. Once you take a liking to one particular candidate for all of the right reasons, ask for a contract and you are ready to say your vows.

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