The Best Restaurants in Bithlo

Encanto Mexicano Restaurant

Looking for a place in the Clearwater area to grab some truly delicious and well renowned Mexican food? Then you need to look no further than Clearwater's Encanto Mexicano Restaurant. They specialize in truly delicious bad authentic Mexican food that you simply can not pass up on. They have all of your favorite Mexican classics such as fresh made tacos, burritos that are plump and flavorful, crispy chimichangas, and spicy tamales that you will be sure to fall in love with. The atmosphere at Encanto Mexicano Restaurant is always festive and remarkable. The service is warm and efficient, getting your food to you in a timely fashion and never making you feel like you have been forgotten about. Their cooks have been well trained in the art of cooking Mexican food, and you will not want to leave upon sinking your teeth into one of their meals!

1991 Drew St
Clearwater, FL 33765

Lenny's Restaurant

The folks at Lenny's Restaurant have been promising to cure hunger one meal at a time in the Clearwater area for over three decades. Whether you are looking to get your day started on one of their fantastic breakfast with one of their sides of buttermilk pancakes, some fresh squeezed juice, along with many options to enjoy one of their expertly crafted sandwiches for lunch or a crisp salad, you will be sure to find something that you simply love there. They go to great lengths to make sure that each and every customer has a wonderful experience and they go out of their way to treat everyone with a great amount of respect and kindness. This is the place to go for some truly fantastic and memorable down home cooking that will take you back to your childhood. This is a great place to get your morning started.

21220 US Hwy 19 N
Clearwater, FL 33765

Ken Sushi & Asian Bistro

If you are looking for a delicious place in the Clearwater area to pick up some truly amazing Sushi and Asian Fusion cusine then you need look no further than Clearwater's own Ken Sushi & Asian Bistro. The folks here go to great lengths to make sure that every single meal is simply beyond compare and made with the freshest ingredients possible. They have all of your favorite, tradtional sushi rolls such as Crab Tempura, California Rolls, and so on and so forth, and they also have some unique specialties such as the amazing Tokyo Tower! They also have all of your favorite Asian cuisine dishes that you will certainly not want to pass up on. The unique atmosphere of Ken Sushi & Asian Bistro really takes the cake for how remarkable a Japanese and Asian Fusion restaurant can be. It really stands out like a gem in the Clearwater community.

2801 Gulf To Bay Blvd
Clearwater, FL 33759


Green Mint Asian Grill

A locally owned and operated restaurant that specializes in Vietnamese cuisine, Green Mint Asian Grill is the place to go in the Clearwater area for some truly delicious and spectacular authentic Vietnamese food. They feature all of your favorites such as the Pho, Bun (also known as Noodle Salad), Vietnamese Coffee, Banh Mi, Bubble Tea, Rice Dishes, Chicken Teriyaki Bowls, and so ona nd so forth. Every aspect of the Green Mint Asian Grill is truly authentic and simply delicious. Green Mint Asian Grill is everything you love in Vietnamese food and you will certainly not regret heading there for a fantastic meal. Green Mint Asian Grill is a favorite lunch spot for many people in the Clearwater area.

25821 US Hwy 19 N
Clearwater, FL 33763

Crispy Cajun

Crispy Cajun is a fantastic and beloved hidden gem in the Clearwater area we know you're going to simply love. They serve up some simply delicious Cajun food, all with a great big smile on their faces and a warm, friendly staff that will be sure to make you laugh and feel right at home. Whether you grew up in the South or are new to Cajun food, you can be sure to enjoy some good Cajun food. With amazing meals such as blue crab, shrimp, boudain balls, po' boys, crawfish, and so much more, you will be sure to pick a favorite there. They feature meals that are all authentic and simply beyond compare. When seeking a location to grab some delicious Cajun food in the Clearwater area then look no further than Crispy Cajun.

2097 Drew St
Clearwater, FL 33765

Cristino's Coal Oven Pizza

Cristino's Coal Oven Pizza is a locally owned and operated Italian Restaurant that is extremely versatile. You can enjoy a nice, family meal there, or you can get away with taking a date there for a nice, romantic evening. They offer amazing pizza at fantastic prices. They cook their pizza entirely in coal ovens (as the name suggests), and they dress it with fresh mozzarella cheese. The sauce and dough are all fresh, made from scratch. The decor is very traditional Italian and you will feel right at home heading there for a meal. You will simply be charmed by the outdoor setting, with a beautiful garden and a fountain. You'll also never have to worry about bugs interrupting your meals as they have a mosquito net that keeps them away!

1101 S Fort Harrison Ave
Clearwater, FL 33769

318 Ferguson Dr #211, Orlando, FL 32805
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