The Best Restaurants in Bay Hill

Chatham's Place

Chatham's Place Restaurant is a fantastic, beloved establishment that has been a staple in the Bay Hill area for nearly thirty years! They have made a point to continuously maintain a tradition of fantastically extraordinary food, with service that is above the rest, and an atmosphere that is always relaxed and yet elegant. You will always feel welcome when you head into Chatham's Place, without a doubt. They are the place where many locals head for a meal most frequently, and when you head there just once you will understand why. Chatham's Place is an overall excellent restaurant that you will be sure to simply love.

7575 Dr Phillips Blvd
Orlando, FL 32819

Hot Krust Panini Kitchen

The folks at Hot Krust Panini Kitchen don't believe in compromising quality and freshness just to make a profit. They promise fresh panini sandwiches that are always made with freshly roasted meats. Everything is made daily in their kitchen, and they promise that they never use those dreaded processed meats with their sandwiches and products. They are greatly committed to serving extremely high quality ingredients at remarkably affordable prices! They have a deep personal bond with their supplier who shares their philosophy for honest, hard work, and consistent improvement.

8015 Turkey Lake Rd, Ste 200
Orlando, FL 32819

Le Cafe De Paris

Specializing in amazing French delicacies, Le Cafe De Paris has a wonderful variety of dishes such as homemade quiches, fresh and fluffy omelettes, crisp and fresh salads, expertly crafted panini sandwiches, home made soups of the day, fresh baked pastries, amazing coffee drinks and specialty teas, delectable ice creams, fresh and delicious breakfast sandwiches, chocolate croissants, and hot and fresh croissants that you will be sure to simply love. The atmosphere at Le Cafe is fantastically relaxed and friendly. You will always be sure to have a fantastic time with every single visit to Le Cafe De Paris.

5170 Dr Phillips Blvd
Orlando, FL 32819


Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi

The folks at Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi have a great amount of passion for Izakaya. They are seeking to deliver savory, artful, and authentic where people can really get together with other members of the community and enjoy a really fantastic, authentic meal. They look to push Japanese beyond just sushi and really want to expand the palettes of those who head there for a meal. They ahve all sorts of fantastic, authentic Japanese cuisine such as Braised Short Ribs, Shari Risoto, Crispy Kurobuta, and so on and so forth. Every aspect of Dragonfly Robota Grill & Sushi is simply remarkable in every way, but don't take our word for it, head on over and find out for yourself!

7972 Via Dellagio Way
Orlando, FL 32819

Keke's Breakfast Cafe

Dedicated to providing the Bay Hill area with fresh and delicious breakfast meals, you can be sure that Keke's Breakfast Cafe has meals that are always handmade, mad with fresh ingredients, fruits and vegetables that are delivered every day, and with fresh bread and dairy products that you will be sure to simply love. They offer a simply incredible breakfast experience that does not end at just the quality of the food, but the service, the environment, and overall atmosphere are simply incredible. Keke's Breakfast Cafe is easily one of the best places in all of the Bay Hill area to grab breakfast and just to generally sit back and enjoy a meal.

7512 Doctor Phillips Blvd
Orlando, FL 32819

Roy's Restaurant

If you are looking for a fantastic, simple, and yet elegant and excellent down home meal experience then you simply need to head over to Roy's Restaurant. You will be sure to have an excellent experience overall when you head over there. They blend classic techniques with excellent and authentic Pacific Rim flavors and techniques. Their mission is to spread some great, warm hospitality and a great passion for creative cuisine to the Orlando and Bay Hill area. With delicious cocktails and an award winning wine list, you will be sure to love everything at Roy's Restaurant. With fresh ingredients overall you will have an excellent time at Roy's Restaurant.

7760 W Sand Lake Rd
Orlando, FL 32819

318 Ferguson Dr #211, Orlando, FL 32805
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