The Best Restaurants in Aloma

Anna's Polish Restaurant

If you are looking for some truly delicious Polish comfort food you need not look farther than Anna's Polish Restaurant on Aloma Avenue. They are a simple and relaxed restaurant where you can go and enjoy some seriously good, real Polish food. The owners are always present and making sure that their customers are having a great time and enjoying the delicious meals. If you're not sure where to begin then the pirogies are always a great place to start, but after that we strongly recommend the kielbasas and the dumplings. But really, no matter which direction you go, you're definitely going to get a dish that you will crave in the future at Anna's Polish Restaurant.

3586 Aloma Ave
Winter Park, FL 32792

Johnny's Diner

Johnny's Diner has a great, home style diner vibe which is very unique and special. They have a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere that your party will enjoy. They have all of your favorite, traditional diner meals such as hash browns, delicious burgers, flapjacks the size of your head, plus many more great options. Stepping into Johnny's Diner will bring back nostalgic memories for you from being back home at your local diner. Every aspect of Johnny's Diner is a whole lot of fun and you will always be sure to have a fantastic experience every single time you head over to Johnny's Diner, without a doubt.

104 S Semoran Blvd
Winter Park, FL 32792

Tibby's New Orleans Kitchen

With authentic New Orleans cuisine, Tibby's New Orleans Kitchen is truly amazing in every aspect. They have all sorts of favorite New Orleans dishes such as Muffulettas, po boys, and crisp, fresh salads. They also have a great amount of local specialties such as gumbos, etouffes, and jambalayas. If you are in the mood for desserts then they have you covered at Tibby's as well with homemade bread pudding that is making our mouths water as we write this, as well as classic style beignets that are always spectacular. Tibby's New Orleans Kitchen is a fantastic restaurant for anyone looking for some truly delicious, authentic New Orleans style cuisine, without a doubt.

2203 Aloma Ave
Winter Park, FL 32792


El Pueblo Mexican Restaurant

If you are looking for excellent Mexican cuisine that's authentic near Aloma then you simply need to head over to El Pueblo Mexican Restaurant on Aloma Avenue. They go to great lengths to make sure that every dish is absolutely amazing, with a wide selection of truly authentic delicacies like their beef tongue tortas, enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos, along with much more. One big feature is their huge portions for the food and you will be sure to be leaving home with some great leftovers. All of the meals are made with fresh ingredients and you will be sure to love every single experience you have at El Pueblo Mexican Restaurant.

7124 Aloma Ave
Winter Park, FL 32792

The Geek Easy

The Geek Easy is a unique place for you to check out that is unlike anywhere you've been before. It's basically if you mixed a comic shop with a sports bar, without the sports. The Geek Easy is a take on the classic speakeasy style of bars with fantastic and many beers on tap, a full service bar with all sorts of fantastic cocktails, and some great wine selections which you will be sure to absolutely enjoy. Not to mention that they also have some amazing menu options such as their famous grilled cheeses. This is place you'll want to revisit because you'll enjoy every single experience that you have at The Geek Easy.

114 S Semoran Blvd
Winter Park, FL 32792

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co is a remarkable and beloved establishment in the Aloma area who claims that they are revolutionizing the bagel making process from start to finish. They utilize unique advanced technology that allows them to replicate the natural composition of the water that is flowing from the Catskill Mountains. All of their water is clean and purified, and it all goes into the water that they use to make the bagels. They believe strongly that there are absolutely no shortcuts that can be taken when you are trying to make quality products. They never stray away from the great old world artisan recipe, making sure that each bagel is of the highest and most fresh possible quality.

4026 N Goldenrod Rd
Winter Park, FL 32792

318 Ferguson Dr #211, Orlando, FL 32805
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