The Best Restaurants in Alafaya

Alafaya is a fantastic, eclectic census designated palce locate din Orange County, Florida. For such a modest and low key place, Alafaya has a relatively big population with 78,113 residents as of the 2010 census. When you are in the Alafaya area, there will be a lot of fun things for you to enjoy such as all of the great nature trails, a few nice art museums, and plenty of culture to take in overall. When you are in the Alafaya area, you will be sure to work up an appetite or need to grab a drink, so here is a list of our favorite places to do so in the Alafaya area.

Vspr Craft Coffee & Allures

Offering delicious specialty coffee, craft beer, and wine, as well as many other delicious options, Vspr Craft Coffee & Allures is a great coffee shop that has been a social place to gather, write, work, pass time, and so on for many, many years. They have a staunch goal to provide a comfortable social gathering place with carefully crafted and high quality offerings. They have a great sense of environmental responsibility, as well as ethical business practices, and high quality ingredients that you will be sure to love. If you are looking for a nice, soothing place to enjoy some coffee or some drinks then Vspr Craft Coffee & Allures might be the perfect place for you.

626 N Alafaya Trl Ste 105
Orlando, FL 32828

Guavate Puerto Rican Eatery and Bistro

The folks at Guavate Puerto Rican Eatery and Bistro promise that after just one visit, you will be coming back again and again. you will love their delicious Puerto Rican cuisine, as well as their mouth watering desserts and their signature Mofongos. They have a remarkable menu that is filled with a great variety of extremely reasonable priced food that is great for the whole family. They have a wonderful staff who are all eager to satisfy each and every customer. Whether you are looking to enjoy a lunch or a dinner, you will be sure to find something that you love to eat at Guavate Puerto Rican Eatery and Bistro.

422 S Alafaya Trl
Orlando, FL 32828

Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants

Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants is a wonderful establishment that you will find is perfect for a nice date night and general night out. The food there is simply remarkable and the wine selections are ethereal. At Cooper's Hawk they don't only serve food and wine but they also sell wine accessories, food, and amazing wine in the bottle for you to take home. They also frequently host wine tasting for you to enjoy. The decor is nice and low key, with exotic low lighting that sets a unique and perfect mood. It is also a nice, family friendly environment that is good for all sorts of different occasions.

529 N Alafaya Trl
Orlando, FL 32828


Rice and Beans Cocina Latina

The folks at Rice and Beans Cocina Latina promise that they offer more than just food at their establishment. They are offering great food at extremely reasonable prices in a nice, clean, family friendly environment. They swear that, for them, the customers are always number one, and they have a great amount of passion for the food that they serve and the people who they are serving. They want to bring the food that their grandmothers cooked and bring it to the Alafaya community. All of their food is fresh and has never been previously frozen. With a great variety of dishes at Rice and Beans you will find something that you like without a doubt.

504 N Alafaya Trl Ste 106
Orlando, FL 32828

Don Julio Mexican Grill & Tequila Bar

If you are looking for a place to pick up some truly delicious and authentic Mexican food in the Alafaya area then you simply need to head over to Don Julio Mexican Grill & Tequila Bar. They go to great lengths to make sure that every single meal is simply amazing and that you are always having a fantastic time. They are a family friendly restaurant, but this is a great place to go and get your drink on, with some fantastic Tequila options that you can not pass up on. Don Julio Mexican Grill & Tequila Bar is the place to go in the Alafaya area for some great Mexican cuisine.

551 S Chickasaw Trl
Orlando, FL 32825

Thai Purple Orchid Cafe

Located not far from the center of Alafaya the Purple Orchid Cafe provides the residents and visitors of the area with a fantastic, authentic taste of Thailand. It is a wonderful family owned and operated establishment that provides authentic and flavorful Thai dishes that are always healthy and fresh every single time. They use natural ingredients and they use classic recipes that are perfect representations of all of your favorite, traditional dishes. They offer vegetarian and vegan options for you to simply love as well. This is the place to go in the Alafaya area for some delicious Thai food.

9318 E Colonial Dr, Unit A9
Orlando, FL 32817

318 Ferguson Dr #211, Orlando, FL 32805
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